Individuals who have attended one or more conferences in the A.K. Rice/ Tavistock tradition are eligible for membership. Members regularly receive information about all meetings of the organization and are invited to all Boston Center and AKRI events at discounted rates. As a voluntary organization, the Center relies on the involvement and commitment of its members. Members are strongly encouraged to serve on Center Committees and to organize activities which support our mission.

Why Join?

CSGSS provides a unique perspective and an opportunity for examining group and organizational behavior as it occurs. One can learn a language, a theory, and an approach from this distinct perspective and be exposed to other individuals who speak the same language and are thinking about groups and organizations in similar ways. Members find it is a powerful tool for learning different ways of working within all types of organizations. CSGSS also affords networking opportunities for academics, clinicians, organizational consultants, and others interested in furthering the understanding and application of this work in different fields.

Membership Renewal

Renewing your membership is one important way to continue supporting the Center’s mission and its dedication to studying the far-reaching impact of unconscious group and organizational dynamics on our day to day lives.

You have the option of renewing your membership for one or two years. Please specify which option you are signing up for when you fill out the form and be sure to give up your most up-to-date contact information.