On the Value of Group Relations Learning

"The conference is an extraordinary opportunity to tune into a frequency of group and organizational life that is always operating but virtually never accessible. The experiential learning, as well as the opportunity to reflect on and make sense of that learning with other participants, was a rare treat. I came away with new, immediately applicable insights."

-- Robin Ely, Professor and Senior Associate Dean, Harvard Business School about CSGSS's residential 5-day conference

On the Value of Group Relations Learning

"I learned to position myself more 'firmly' on issues that I believe in and that I want to defend. Since the conference, I've been more assertive, knowing that running greater risks is the only way to stand up for what I believe in. It was certainly one of the most unique experiences I've had."

-- Middle School Principal

Group Relations Reading Group: Focus on Application

The Center for the Study of Group and Social Systems (CSGSS) invites you to join a Group Relations Reading Group focused on real-world application of group relations theory.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm ET via Zoom (registration required as space is limited)

Free for CSGSS Members, $10 Suggested Donation for non-members

Our Mission

The mission of CSGSS, the Center for the Study of Groups and Social Systems,
The Boston Affiliate of the AK Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems  is to further the understanding of groups and organizations as social systems, with particular attention to unconscious and covert processes in group and organizational life, the dynamics of authority and authorization, power and other differences within and among socially diverse groups, and the negotiated use of interpretation to facilitate collaborative learning.

"I got a hold of how 'unconscious baggage' held back my effectiveness. The conference freed me to work much more effectively and enjoy work that had previously exhausted me."

Dwight Jewson
Ph.D., President, Strategic Frameworking

Using the Tavistock group relations tradition of open systems and psychodynamic theories, CSGSS,  the Center for the Study of Groups and Social Systems develops group relations conferences, meetings, and other events to further learning about group processes.


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Relentless change, globalization, technological disruption, and increasing complexity pose deep challenges for our organizations and institutions.  How leadership and authority are exercised play a decisive role in meeting these challenges. They too evolve as organizations evolve, requiring new ways of thinking that shape our effectiveness as individuals and the ability of our Institutions to fulfill their purposes. The pressing need to enhance individual, group, and systemic capabilities require deeply attending to the realities that people and organizations face today.

The Boston Affiliate of the A K Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems.

CSGSS Group Relations Reading Group

The Center for the Study of Groups and Social Systems, the Boston Affiliate of the A. K.  Rice Institute, is pleased to announce a reading group series. Open to members and non-members of CSGSS. Visit here to register for the next reading group.